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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Property Sourcer?

A property Sourcer is someone who finds property deals for investors in exchange for a fee. The role of the property Sourcer is to act as the middle-person between the buyer and seller, making the process as simple as possible for both parties.


The Sourcer will actively look for property deals on behalf of the buyer by working with local agents or going direct to vendor. Property deals come in different forms, such as a ready to go single lets, or a rundown property requiring a full refurbishment.


Why use a Property Sourcer?

A property Sourcer will save you time and money. Finding a property is labour intensive and requires a number of man hours to view properties, liaise with agents or vendors and go through the conveyancing process.


Typically, property deals are found from motivated sellers, where their property has been on the market for a long time or the vendor needs a quick sale. Normally the urgency of a quick sale means the vendor will be more willing to sell at a discounted price.


What areas do you source?

If you require a particular area, we’re connected with companies all over the UK that also specialise in what we do.

What are the benefits of using you?

We have the knowledge, systems and relationships in place to find the best deal for you in a timely manner. This will ultimately save you time and money.


What is the process?

Contact us, tell us your requirements and what you’re looking to achieve, we find the deal, discuss the deal, reserve the property, view the property, pay fee, sign contracts, receive keys to property.


Are you compliant?

Yes we are. We belong to the ICO, Property Address Scheme and we’re registered under Anti-Money Laundering so we can compliantly find deals for clients.


What happens when I sign up?

We want to help each investor who registers with us – which is why we give a complimentary Investment consultation call to every person who signs up. This allows you to get to know us better, and for us to refine your criteria to best help in your search for property deals.

Only after the consultation call will you start to receive property deals, so be sure the phone number left on the form is the best one to reach you on.

What Information do you provide with each property?

With each property deal we secure and send to you, we provide a range of information including:

  • The address

  • Estimated value

  • Estimated rent of the property

  • Pictures of the property

  • Comparables to support and showcase the market value or potential of a property

  • Information on both the house itself and the area it is in.

How do I secure or reserve a property?

A property is secured buy signing a reservation form and paying a £1,000 + vat reservation fee. As you can imagine, many of our opportunities are much sought after, but once the reservation fee is paid, this locks the property out for you against other prospective buyers.


How much do we charge?

We charge a  minimum of £3,000 + vat. for any property below £100,000.

Any property above £100,000 we charge a fee of 3% + vat.

This fee includes the reservation fee, so on a £100,000 property, the fees paid would be £1,000 + vat to reserve, and £2,000 + vat on exchange of contracts.

What happens if I change my mind once I’ve reserved a property?

The reservation fee is in place to provide security for both yourself; locking out the investment opportunity from others, and to show to both us and the vendor that you are willing to move forward to completion. If the vendor pulls out, or there is an unresolvable issue with the property, the reservation fee is fully refundable. However, if you change your mind, or stop moving forward with the purchase, then the reservation fee is non-refundable.

I’ve reserved a property, what happens next?

A hugely important part of property investing, but one which is so often overlooked, is case progression. It’s imperative we get your deal completed as quickly as possible. Our aim is to get your property from point of sale to completion!

With this in mind, we highly recommend using one of a panel of solicitors we are familiar with, who themselves deal almost exclusively with investment property, to speed up the process.

Do you work with investors based abroad?

We work with investors from across the globe and we recognise that investors from different parts of the world have different nuances in how they like to work, and are appreciative of the time differences when calling, as well as some of the important differences in solicitor choice and mortgage availability. Register to speak to one of our consultants to best understand how we can help you.

I’m new to property, can I buy property from Tallawah Property Investments?

Absolutely! Our investors range from those buying their first property, to seasoned property investors. In fact, many investors have followed our advice and guidance and gone from their first property to build entire portfolios with us!

Do you offer portfolio building service?

We do offer this service – please register and mention this on your call with our property investment consultants, who will provide more information to you.

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